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Well, it’s not arrogant when it’s true.

Just as the United States is the leading economy, AREVA is the leading and largest nuclear reactor builder in the world. AREVA is currently constructing four EPR reactors around the world – one in Finland, one in France and two in China. In addition, about 20 EPR plants are in the pipeline or under evaluation.

OL3 construction in September.

While this boom in construction and ‘Nuclear Renaissance’ perspective is a relatively recent trend, AREVA has been building the world’s reactors for decades. AREVA has built more than 100 nuclear plants—almost one quarter of the world’s operating reactors—using our design, engineering, and project management expertise.

AREVA remains the world’s largest builder of nuclear power plants, and the nearly 5,000 American employees are putting this nuclear experience to help the world’s leading economy – the United States – improve and expand its clean energy infrastructure. Seems like a good fit.

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