AREVA Inc: Proud to Employ the Finest (and the Most) Engineers


More than 220 engineers work at AREVA’s North America headquarters in Charlotte, N.C.

More than 220 engineers work at AREVA’s North America headquarters in Charlotte, N.C.

For the seventh year in a row, the Charlotte Business Journal ranked AREVA Inc. the largest regional engineering firm with 222 engineers at our Charlotte-based North America headquarters.

As CBJ’s 2015 Top Engineering Firm, we are proud to be an active part of Charlotte’s energy industry, not only through employment, but also by helping educate the next generation of engineers. We’re reaching out and building community interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) topics by supporting programs like Discovery Place, UNC Charlotte’s Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC), Project Scientist, and STEMersion, and emphasizing our industry’s safety focus by being the Safety Sponsor of the 2014 Thunder Road Marathon.

In Charlotte, AREVA’s engineering workforce is focused on servicing the world’s largest nuclear fleet here in the United States and developing the next generation of low-carbon nuclear energy.

But, the industry workforce is changing. The Nuclear Energy Institute estimates that the nuclear industry must hire 20,000 new workers over the next four years to replace retiring employees, even as the industry shifts to fulfill a new national energy vision.

During this workforce turnover, we are committed to maintaining our reliable expertise, safety focus, and innovative perspective, even while adapting to our customers’ changing needs and opportunities.

Nuclear energy is the United States’ largest source of low-carbon electricity, and Charlotte, N.C., is one of the nation’s largest sources of expert engineers. As a catalyst connecting these two points, AREVA is proud to employ the finest (and the most) engineers among the engineering firms in the nation’s Energy Hub.

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