AREVA Helps Kick Off National Nuclear Science Week in Seattle


Nuclear Science Week LogoWith support from AREVA and nuclear energy leaders in the region, Seattle hosted “The Big Event” to kick off National Nuclear Science Week.  Organized by The Nuclear Literacy Project and the American Nuclear Society, this two-day symposium offered a high level dialogue exploring innovative nuclear technology, challenges and successes in the existing industry, and the role of nuclear power in achieving a clean energy future. 

AREVA was an active participant in the kick-off dialogue as well.  AREVA Inc. COO Craig Ranson discussed AREVA’s role as a leading nuclear energy products and services supplier on the “Leadership in Nuclear Energy” panel.  He was joined by Energy Northwest CEO Mark Reddeman, NuScale CTO Jose Reyes, and the COO of UPower Caroline Cochran.  Commitment to Operational Excellence, a culture of innovation, and dedication to developing the next generation of workers are all areas Ranson detailed as he discussed AREVA’s leadership in the nuclear industry.

Looking over the horizon to the next frontier of nuclear technology was the subject of a panel on Day 1 featuring Bob Weiler, Vice President for AREVA Federal Services.  Alongside panelists exploring nuclear technology advancements in the medical industry, space exploration, and more efficient energy production, Weiler highlighted AREVA’s forward-looking energy technology development , advancements in nuclear medicine, and culture of innovation. Day 1 concluded with the exciting announcement of Energy for Humanity, a new voice for the pro-nuclear environmental movement.

Learn more about nuclear energy by exploring the Nuclear Science Week website.

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