AREVA Expands Operations in Eastern Tennessee


There is nothing complex about defining economic growth. It’s simply a measurement showing additional jobs, additional business, and additional investment. For example, AREVA just announced two developments in Tennessee: one in Oak Ridge and the other in Chattanooga.

At the Oak Ridge facility, we’re moving in another section of our radiation detection product development and manufacturing functions, and plan to increase our 34,000 square-foot facility as we grow the business. This move also includes more than doubling the location’s workforce within one year.

In Chattanooga, we’re opening a new regional engineering, project and service support office, with the option for additional space as the business grows. More employees, more business, more financial growth in the community.

Both of these expansions are the latest examples of AREVA’s planned $3 billion investment in its American businesses.

Earlier this year, AREVA began hiring more employees in Mountain View, Calif., to support our rapidly growing solar power business. In this case, our American business is developing and exporting renewable energy technology to global customers.

With nearly 5,000 employees in 36 locations across the United States and close to a five-fold increase in business since the year 2000, AREVA’s American operations create and sustain economic growth as we deliver clean energy solutions for now and the future.

Now that’s an economic stimulus with anybody’s definition.

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