AREVA Continues North American Focus on Customer Projects and Nuclear Expertise


AREVA-Inc-RVHThe past several years presented unique challenges to the nuclear energy industry and, as such, impacted AREVA’s global operations, but they are challenges we are working to resolve with carefully considered deliberate actions.

It’s important to keep in mind that AREVA does not have short-term liquidity issues. We have a strong backlog and a resilient business model built on customer confidence, with more than 90% of revenue coming from recurring business.

Here in the North America region, AREVA’s significant quantity of scheduled customer projects and ongoing research and development programs solidly undergird the company for continued performance and delivery. This two-fold approach of expertly fulfilling and growing our backlog and investing in future innovative solutions is a solid long-term strategy for growth and sustainability.

Primary among our key market differentiators is our employees’ depth of expertise and span of nuclear industry accomplishments. AREVA’s North American workforce of nearly 5,000 employees is second to none, and an acknowledged valuable resource for our customers through the full sweep of advanced nuclear fuel, engineering, plant modifications, reliable outage services, component replacements including commercial grade dedication, and safe used fuel management.

AREVA has been and continues to be a leader in low-carbon energy technology with a proven portfolio of products and services. We continue in our commitment to help achieve North America’s sustainable energy future through supporting the safe operations of the existing nuclear energy fleet and developing next-gen reactor technology.

Most of all, AREVA continues to serve customers with an unrelenting focus on and dedication to the highest levels of performance in safety, quality, and delivery.

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