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TelepermXSIn December 2013, AREVA Inc. set another benchmark for the U.S. nuclear industry with the third successful installation of a comprehensive Digital Instrumentation & Control (I&C) upgrade system.  Most importantly, the project was completed as promised–safely and on schedule.

AREVA’s TELEPERM® XS digital I&C system enables state-of-the-art digital processing of functions for Reactor Protection System (RPS) and Engineered Safeguards Protection Systems (ESPS). Including this recent installation, 80 TELEPERM® XS systems have been supplied or are currently installed in 14 different reactor designs across 16 countries.

By incorporating lessons learned from the first two U.S. installations and a continuous improvement culture, our dedicated team of professionals focused on AREVA’s four Pillars of Excellence–safety, quality, performance, and delivery–and expertly delivered this most recent I&C safety innovation.

Our utility customer’s multi-year vision and foresight now translates into enhanced safety and reliability for its nuclear energy facility. The first two installations at the site–completed in 2011 and 2012–have been operating as designed with no issues while minimizing previous operator burdens with surveillances. Last year, our customer’s TELEPERM® XS Digital I&C upgrade won the 2012 NEI Top Industry Practice Award for Vision and Leadership and the Best of the Best Award. The year prior, AREVA’s digital I&C installation won Platt’s Award for Engineering Project of the Year.

You can learn more about AREVA’s journey to address plant reliability and obsolescence in a recent Electric Light & Power article, Leading Nuclear Plants into the Digital Age.

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