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BETHESDA, Md., January 26, 2012 – With the issuance today of the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission report on America’s Nuclear Future, AREVA commends the effort and hard work completed by the Commission, supports many key elements of the report and looks toward the future for more comprehensive solutions.

“Nuclear energy must be part of the clean energy mix in the United States,” states Jacques Besnainou, CEO of AREVA, Inc., “and a sustainable approach to used fuel management is critical to supporting and developing long-term use of clean nuclear energy.”

AREVA strongly supports the formation of a new Federal entity, or FedCorp, chartered with broad responsibility for managing used nuclear fuel. This is an important first step toward restoring the public trust necessary to meet the scope of challenges identified by the Commission.

The Commission’s recommendations for the development of centralized interim storage facilities and revised NRC rulemaking, along with its general recognition of the fundamental obligation to avoid burdening a future generation are key elements to securing progress toward a comprehensive and sustainable solution.

AREVA remains strongly supportive of an integrated used fuel management strategy that includes centralized interim storage, recycling and ultimate disposal.

“Recycling used nuclear fuel is a proven solution that conserves natural resources and simplifies waste management but we must think in terms of real and sustainable solutions. The rest of the world is moving forward with forward-thinking solutions and the U.S. should join and lead this effort,” said David Jones, senior vice president of AREVA, Inc.

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