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Anne Lauvergeon

Speaking with Forbes, Anne Lauvergeon, AREVA CEO, declared “There is no solution without nuclear power.”

In a story posted online today, “AREVA Chief talks Power,” Forbes describes Lauvergeon’s confidence in nuclear energy despite the obstacles.

“Lauvergeon isn’t concerned. She is betting big on the U.S. Areva is building a nuclear power plant component factory with Northrup Grumman in Virginia. It recently won a $2 billion Department of Energy loan guarantee to build a uranium enrichment facility in Idaho. It is building a facility in South Carolina to transform excess weapons-grade plutonium into fuel for nuclear reactors.

And, perhaps most significantly, one of Areva’s reactor designs, called the US-EPR, is one of two favorites to win the next nuclear loan guarantee. Constellation Energy and the French utility Electricité de France are hoping to build a US-EPR at Constellation’s Calvert Cliffs site in southern Maryland.”

As the U.S. nuclear solutions leader, “Lauvergeon sees it as Areva’s responsibility to restart the nuclear industry here, from building new facilities to trying to get California to change its anti-nuke laws.”

In Forbes Woman, Lauvergeon also discussed the need for diversity and women in leadership roles, saying “If you want to be in the energy business, you need to reflect the societies as they are.”

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