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AREVA Canada Inc. congratulates the Nuclear Power Expert Panel on today’s release of the panel’s report to the Government of Alberta. The report provides a thorough review of nuclear power generation in Alberta as a contribution to the discussion and understanding of the industry and its potential in the province.

“AREVA Canada is very pleased that a report of this calibre has been produced for the people of Alberta,” said Armand Laferrere, President and CEO of AREVA Canada Inc. “A knowledgeable discussion is critical for Albertans to make important decisions about clean energy options for the rovince’s future.”

The Report on Nuclear Power and Alberta will be the starting point for a province-wide public consultation process that will guide the government’s position on nuclear power generation in the province.

“We believe that Alberta is on the cusp of leadership on diversified and clean energy sources for the province. Broad public consultation is an important step in assuming that leadership role,” said Laferrere. “AREVA has worked to keep the public aware and informed about the latest technology that makes nuclear generated power exceedingly clean and safe, and we look forward to participating in future consultation when asked.”

AREVA Canada has been in Canada for more than 40 years and employs 925 people in 18 locations across the country. Its Canadian operations include uranium mining, electricity transmission and stribution, equipment manufacture and engineering services for nuclear power generators.

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