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By Susan Hess, Director PR and External Communications

Anne Lauvergeon, AREVA CEO & Jacques Besnainou, AREVA CEO for North America

Yesterday, many members attending the World Energy Congress took time to visit the trade show and the many impressive booths there. Most notably in the AREVA booth were Anne Lauvergeon, AREVA CEO, and Jacques Besnainou, AREVA CEO for North America.

They took time to say hello to some of the visitors and to see the latest booth attraction, a large touch screen showing all the AREVA capabilities, complete portfolio of nuclear and renewable energy options, and a list of brochures that could be immediately emailed to a participant. Just to test this tool, one participant picked three brochures, emailed them to her address and while talking with me, received the documents. “Wow, this is really great, and it works.”

Others were more interested in the Field Reports – eight panels demonstrating our successes in the industry and how these have helped our clients. Upon reading one or two report panels, most people came to the booth personnel for additional information and walked away with a better understanding of how AREVA helps its customers achieve better performance and maintain safety.

AREVA Booth @ WEC 2010

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