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Stephanie Jones, President, Stephanie Jones Strategies

Stephanie Jones

One of the reasons I got involved with the AREVA Community Advisory Council was AREVA’s genuine interest in reaching out to diverse communities and my desire to help bridge the gaps that keep communities from fully engaging in the clean energy conversation. So it was a pleasure to help AREVA kickoff 2012 with a fantastic networking event that brought together young professionals from AREVA and the Greater Washington Urban League (GWUL) to discuss clean energy, jobs, nuclear issues and other important topics.
“Don’t Get Stuck in the Dark: Plug Into a Better Energy Future” was the first of a series of events that AREVA will sponsor with the GWUL, and it was a tremendous success. Hosted by the Thursday Network, the GWUL’s young professionals organization, it was a wonderful opportunity for AREVA to share information about America’s energy options and to socialize and connect with a great group of influential, engaged young professionals.
During the event, AREVA’s Mary Beth Ginder, Laura Clise, Luis Durani and Shakir Jones gave presentations about clean energy, AREVA’s work across the country, nuclear safety and recycling, and careers at AREVA and the clean energy industry. Following the presentations we had an interesting and lively Q&A and discussion about a variety of issues related to clean energy. The GWUL young professionals raised thoughtful questions and insights, which the AREVA team addressed with honesty and clarity. After the formal program, the conversation continued well into the evening over food, drinks and dessert (including a cake decorated with AREVA’s and GWUL’s logos!).
AREVA knows that, if we are to move forward successfully into a clean energy future, it is imperative that everyone affected has a voice. Organizations such as the Urban League are critical partners in ensuring that our communities are informed and involved, and are a respected and valued part of this effort.
The Greater Washington Urban League is one of nearly 100 Urban League affiliates that provide direct services in communities across the country and, as such, is an ideal partner in AREVA’s outreach. GWUL President Maudine Cooper, one of the most respected leaders in Washington, has long been interested in clean energy issues and how the clean energy industry affects and can benefit underserved individuals and communities. As president of the GWUL’s Thursday Network, Hakimu Davidson is helping to prepare and empower America’s emerging leaders for the future through activities such as our clean energy event.
“Don’t Get Stuck in the Dark” was the first of many activities that AREVA and GWUL plan to do together throughout the year. This was a terrific engagement on the clean energy issue and a great start to 2012! Posted in: AREVA News, News | No Comments»

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