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AREVA has signed an alliance agreement with Dominion Resources to provide standard and specialized services to all four Dominion nuclear stations. This alliance covers steam generator services, specialty non-destructive examination (NDE) services, refuel services and pump and motor field services to Dominion’s nuclear plants for the next five years.

The alliance includes standard and specialized maintenance services performed during routine nuclear plant outages. The four Dominion nuclear stations include Kewaunee in Wisconsin, Millstone in Connecticut, and North Anna and Surry, both located in Virginia.

“We are thrilled and proud of our entire team,” said AREVA Inc. Chief Operating Officer Mike Rencheck. “This agreement is a testament to AREVA’s responsiveness, high performance and commitment to safety and quality. We anticipate even higher achievements in the future, and we look forward to this enhanced relationship with Dominion to provide clean energy in Virginia and in the various other communities it serves.”

This is actually the third such alliance agreement AREVA has signed with a U.S. utility, already providing excellent service and delivery in our partnerships with Tennessee Valley Authority and Progress Energy.

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