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Yesterday AREVA CEO, Anne Lauvergeon, presented a keynote address at the World Energy Congress. As the event is being held in the bilingual city of Montreal, Lauvergeon addressed the audience in French. Below we have an excerpt of the speech translated.

The question before us is the following: what are the energy possible solutions that can meet all of our growing needs while preserving our natural resources and the climate, and remain competitive?

There are, in effect, two urgent issues which we must confront: of course, there is the issue of climate change, but also equal access to energy. This is a major challenge. Today nearly 2 billion people simply do not have access to a source of affordable and reliable energy. Living without electricity reduces life expectancy by a factor of two. This is the first issue that we must face!

Energy is inextricably linked to development. Too many countries have been bypassed by the first two energy revolutions, that of carbon and that of gas and electricity. The third energy revolution must be the time for us to engage on a sustainable development path.

The truth is that there is no one unique solution, no magic bullet that alone would assure the transition to an economy without carbon that our planet needs.

The response lies in a balanced portfolio of solutions that begins with available energies, and it is absurd to pit one against another: fossil fuels, which we cannot do without; of course, renewables; and nuclear energy when the choice is appropriate. They all have their advantages and their disadvantages. Each energy source has its use. Nothing can be done without considerable efforts in the areas of energy efficiency and R&D.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I said nuclear AND renewables. These different technologies are not incompatible. On the contrary, they complement and reinforce each other!

Read the entire speech in French here.

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