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We love the very strong statement in Politico today from Senator George Voinovich, who is the ranking member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s Clean Air and Nuclear Safety Subcommittee:

Senator George Voinovich

I am now calling for an end to energy complacency. Energy freedom and a diverse energy portfolio are the keys to strengthening both our national security and our economic security.

We have a clean, secure source of energy at our fingertips that is underused: nuclear energy. Nuclear is important not just for our energy needs but also to cultivate and increase needed domestic jobs. Moreover, this technology can be exported around the globe to nations that still look to the United States for expertise in nuclear energy — one of many technologies the U.S. pioneered…

Nuclear is a threefer: It provides the reliable, baseload electricity our country demands, it can help us reduce carbon emissions, and it can strengthen our manufacturing base and create good-paying jobs… Today, the U.S. already has 104 operating nuclear plants. They supply not only 20 percent of our electricity but also 70 percent of our carbon-free emissions.These plants’ success and the current debate on climate change only make the case for nuclear power stronger and more bipartisan.

And we at AREVA strongly support his new bill, and his proposed summit:

I recently introduced the Enabling the Nuclear Renaissance Act, a bill that outlines what needs to be done to continue the revival of U.S. nuclear power. It would provide strong financial incentives to build the first few plants, as well as tax incentives and grants for the manufacturing, construction and production of nuclear facilities.

We can’t let other countries take over the world market; we need to seize the day.

That is why Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and I are co-hosting a summit in December in Washington. We plan to provide a forum for industry, Congress, the White House, government agencies, national labs and the financial sector to revitalize the nuclear power industry….

As I’ve always said, together we can do it.

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