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What do a late-model car and a nuclear reactor have in common? They both can react with a fast, reliable digital safety response system.

The first installation of such a system in a U.S. reactor was recognized yesterday by Platts at its 13th Annual Global Energy Awards Assembly with the prestigious “Engineering Project of the Year” award.

As described in the press release,

The June installation of AREVA’s TELEPERM® XS is the first comprehensive application of a safety-related Digital Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Reactor Protection System in the United States. The system enables state-of-the-art digital processing of functions for the Reactor Protection System (RPS) and the Engineered Safeguards Protection System (ESPS).

Performing as a key component of the “Defense in Depth” approach to nuclear energy safety, our digital I&C enables the #2 and #3 requirements in a safety response.

AREVA is the world leader in digital I&C, with safety-related digital I&C systems installed in reactors in Europe, China and Russia over the past decade. The TELEPERM® XS platform has been installed, or is on order, at 69 units at 40 separate sites in 14 countries … and now helping maintain the unmatched energy safety record of U.S. nuclear reactor facilities.


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