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AREVA's Anne Lauvergeon, Duke Energy's Jim Rogers, and former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative

AREVA’s Anne Lauvergeon, Duke Energy’s Jim Rogers, and former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative

ADAGE LLC, a joint venture between AREVA SA and Duke Energy Company, just announced the proposed site of its first U.S. biopower plant in Hamilton County, Florida, during the annual Forest Landowners Association conference. The site, the first in a series of 50 megawatt biopower plants that ADAGE plans to develop in the United States, will use clean wood waste as fuel to produce electricity.

Not only are the ADAGE biopower plants an emerging source of renewable energy within the United States, but the Hamilton County biopower facility will also help to fuel the economy through the creation of approximately 400 jobs during construction, including 125 facility and fuel-related jobs during operation.

ADAGE has already met several key project milestones, including securing rights to the 215-acre site in Hamilton County and submitting applications for state environmental permits. ADAGE has also begun exclusive negotiations with JEA, an electric utility from the Jacksonville area, for the potential purchase of energy from the biopower plant and with The Langdale Company for the supply of wood waste to be used for the project.

While there are still several steps that need to be taken before construction work can begin, once completed, the ADAGE facility will provide clean reliable electricity to around 40,000 households in Florida. That power will be carbon-neutral, and will help meet important sustainability goals.

Stay tuned for more exciting site announcements as ADAGE continues to bring sustainable energy to the United States. Which lucky state will be next?

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