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By Katherine Berezowskyj

There was a very big announcement for renewable energy today out of Washington State. ADAGE LLC, a biopower joint venture between AREVA and Duke Energy, and John Deere announced the formation as part of the biomass power process. This alliance will bring innovative technology and sustainable methods to enhance fuel supply for the renewable woody biomass power projects.

John Deere Bundler

First on this list of projects that will employ the new skills developed as part of the alliance is ADAGE’s proposed facility in Mason County, Washington (see Google Map below). The project involves collecting, bundling, and transporting branches and other wood debris from regional logging operations to the state-of-the-art ADAGE biomass power facility. Utilizing its forestry expertise, John Deere will be making all of the forestry equipment that will be used to gather and bundle the wood debris.

This facility in Washington is the third proposed biomass facility that will deploy the ADAGE plant design. This design is based on AREVA’s experience in the biomass industry—with over 100 plants built world-wide—and will use advanced environmental controls for minimal environmental impact. The proposed facility will have a 55 megawatt output that will provide enough power for 40,000 homes.

This project for Mason County will also mean an initial investment of $250 million and will create more than 400 direct jobs during construction and 100 jobs when the facility will be operating. The Washington State project is the third proposed ADAGE plant announced – the first two are located in northern Florida, in Gadsden and Hamilton counties respectively.

More information can be found in the Press Release and for the ADAGE projects, check out their website.

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