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A Quick Survey of What’s in the Works for AREVA’s Advanced Reactor Technologies

Today as part of an on-going dialogue with bloggers and other parties also very interested in nuclear, the AREVA North America Blog had a very informative chat with Finis Southworth, chief technology officer of AREVA’s U.S. reactor division.

Finis fielded questions on all of AREVA’s work on the development of nuclear reactors.

Below are links and informational brochures on some of the projects we discussed. Even if you were not part of the conversation, this is a great resource for the work being done at AREVA for the future of nuclear energy:

ATMEA, a joint venture by AREVA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, is developing a mid-sized Generation III+ pressurized water reactor (PWR) using innovative, reliable, proven technology.

Technical description of ATMEA1 (pdf)

AREVA is also developing KERENA, a mid-sized boiling water reactor (BWR) for customers that prefer BWR technology.

For high- and very high-temperature reactors, AREVA participates in research carried out in the context of the International Generation IV Forum, created in 2001. The mission of the forum is to select and develop future nuclear production systems for the target dates of 2030-2035, integrating sustainable development criteria (safety, competitiveness, optimization of resources, reduction of waste, resistance to external threats, etc.).

The International Generation IV Forum brings together nine countries: South Africa, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, the United States, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the European Union (through the CEA – the French Atomic Energy Commission).

AREVA HTR Brochure (PDF)
AREVA HTR Brochure (PDF)

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