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Progressive Think-Tank Thinking Positively about New Nuclear Energy

The Third Way, an organization that describes itself as the “leading think tank of the moderate wing of the progressive movement,” recently released a brief on the role of small, modular nuclear reactors.  While AREVA’s portfolio of reactor options does not include small, modular reactors, we do endorse the pro-nuclear stance taken by a leading progressive organization.

The brief, “Thinking Small on Nuclear Power,” emphasizes the benefits of nuclear energy that reach across partisan lines, saying:

“This is the promise of new nuclear energy.  With most of the nation’s available hydropower already harnessed, only nuclear energy is a currently available technology capable of generating consistent amounts of electricity 24 hours a day—known as “baseload” power—at this scale and emissions-free.”

In another brief, authored by Matt Bennett, Josh Freed, and Jeremy Ershow, the organization describes how the “Third Way has long advocated and strongly supports the expansion of loan guarantees.”

We support this forward-looking stance and believe that nuclear energy is a consensus- building issue that can help reach the nation’s clean energy needs.

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