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By Jarret Adams

Check out this great new video from the Southern Company on the progress it is making to build a new nuclear plant in Georgia. Perhaps most interesting to note is that there are already some 1,300 workers on site only a little over six months after the project received a federal loan guarantee.

Loan guarantees are not direct subsidies but do enable deserving projects to secure financing so that we can begin investing in new clean energy infrastructure. And as this Southern Co. video attests, these new jobs and investment these projects bring do not take years to arrive.

AREVA is working toward developing new U.S. EPR projects in several locations throughout the United States; the most advanced of these would be located in southern Maryland. These projects like the one in the video also would begin producing new jobs and local investment right away.

Today AREVA is the only company with four Generation III+ reactors under construction, and we have many more in the pipeline. Click here for a video from last summer on the progress at our EPR project in Finland – with some 3,500 workers onsite – that includes yours truly. Here is a more recent video showing the installation of components at Olkiluoto 3.

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